Truly I have a tale I would love to tell. I am trying to rough draft it that I can do so. I’m a tad reluctant yet I feel it needs telling.

Betrayals and attempts to dispose of evidence namely a life among other things. Unfortunately a number of accessories and principals unsavory behaviors are from occupations which we prefer to look to for deeds of heroism and not disfavor. So you see it is not a simple task to capture interest with scenarios such as this. Despite that, perhaps to draft it as hypothetical rather than factual could breach the divide. Boring already huh.

One such attempt to remove evidence occurred on a bridge where no escape from a speeding pickup truck pulling a flatbed trailer which a landscape contractor might use, otherwise as useful tool to run down a pedestrian and drag him or her over the grates of a bridge that drains snow and rain and raises and lowers to allow small water craft to pass between two small towns…


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I must remain anonymous until I find enough followers / publicity for protection from retaliation.

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