intention to cause conflicts of interests – on purpose too.

AK's World


Our humankind is feeling blue
Perhaps this story is 100% true
Brave souls have sacrificed their lives
Every second they are on the tip of knives
Why such a mourn ,why words are galloped inside
What about the cramp of the sons n’ husbands who died
We talk about our culture, religion and feel so grand
Still can’t we be united and take a rigid stand
Lets raise our voice and show them the power
For we are not cowered,let them give us the bullet shower
We won’t let them survive nor let them breed
They will regret, will have to repay for their sinful deed
Our planet bleeds, but doesn’t only need doctors and nurse
We need fighters to chop the TERRORIST CURSE!

Terrorism will spill over if you don’t speak up.


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