another betrayal of power

wants to make history
Increase magnitude of l/e agency beyond imagination
needs incredibly big bucks to finance projections
only people got it but already taxed extremely so must trick them to pay whole lot more
so what, gov’t dose it all the time
needs scheme on how bout scare money out of them
LIKE, hyjacking U.S. jet(s)
seek foreign cooperation
Saudi Arabia like $US for oil
Promise King increased exports.
Solicit help from Saudi king to organize hyjacks(multiple) – cloak Saudi responsibility and blame his enemies

(north woods Cuban missile crisis-like)

Pow Wow with Saudi Arabia King seal deal-what America don’t know don’t hurt her
already good terms with Saudi family no problem
deal day – little surprise As POTUS sitting in class with kids like planned… suddenly uh oh
Saudi King arranged the kamakazi mission and targets and forgot to tell POTUS

elswitcheroo by King who decides he now has big shot U.S. right where he wants them – why take a piece WITH smoking gun evidence on POTUS – see that and raise you […]

POTUS fears what consequence if Saudi King spills beans… don’t know what to do…
can’t go to congress and V POTUS stimied too

Continue as planned with creation of l/e like world has never seen – that’s still on table so far…
POTUS maintains increases with Saudi Oil deals (Saudi needs say nothing)
POTUS survives term and repeats
THEN (hope to hide like JFK…)

NEW POTUS gets briefed on secret and who holds keys
New POTUS promised transparency and rule of law campaign
POTUS has all the dirt that could reign terror on America and in the streets rebellion…
This is a position that any small town hood or hustler would cut off an arm for…except the holder has title of most powerful man on planet (was federal chair during Greenspan)
the balance continues following decisions and authority abuse grabbing power from every stitch in time and more…
read them and weep.


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