Nirvana’s rite there

if music was the only language we’d have peace on earth.

Thinking nuisance texting as word everyone ought heed as important and stat fix it mode text it expedited- cause it’s me, or you at the wheel.

When what is needed is less useless or misunderstood words terms of art and banality phases which only the speakers understand.

Remove languages which each claim is the best of all; THEIRS.

Elrushbo on fire says, Muller report To EXPOSE all these media and deepstate coup de tant of Trump Admin.

EXPOSE THE INTER- INTRA ROGUE DEEP STATE AND PUBLIC PRIVATE BIAS 501(c)’s & Corps who support the surge to take out elected MAGA POTUS TRUMP and his support with same ole….

Elrushbo tells Trump saga and ironically on a similar note Overcome vertigo.

i.e., innocently exploited by hospital employees and personnel, you say.
I say, no such thing. Ironically these places are schools for such.
Frederick, MD hernia surgery but the prep negligence explained the way these so some lude acts occur to innocence. Or maybe this was not a🏳️🎌🇦🇪🏴,

Then small break becomes suddenly no break, DR incensed by online fake doscia CCARE SERVICS, NEWtalK, DE.

Nurses blow it off as no matter – read /e-ee policy on admissions equal to zilch nada forget it, mum’s the WORD.
AND POLITICS is to hospitals as is 501(c)’s, koolaid and radical phobia and pick a fake and deny it later. Fake clubs in USA.

OK – and the truth of UK backing Obam + Clinton DeepState and disgruntled e/ee EXPOSING THEM TO TRUMP ADMINISTRATION.
Depends, huh.

True jdoes has indeed commonality to jfoes of the connections are something astonishing. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz direct links and precedes Trump and Obama and Bush back to hometown boys and gals media and government and private just like the mob and the ROGUE Muller type cast as good guys first to duty with every dollar the taxpayers will fork over to be redistribute by federal state local governments to “Friends”!
More to show.

FISA FBI NSA CIA DOJ and Local INVESTIGATIONS Tindal & Limbaugh & President Donald J. Trump

Iconic Rush Limbaugh has been pinnacle of love hate and drawn fire from oppositional political agenda for decades. As well, his followers and listeners have been subjects of bullying by the same forces.

One such targeted individual was used to provide entertainment and influence for political hype in neighborhoods and payback despite apolitical personal history. This is not the only instance of thrusting outsider people into a dangerous political atmosphere.

The deepstate joint political efforts with leftist Democratic party delivered relentless search and destroy tactics ponied with local citizens agency private and public entities Enterprise and religious zealots to manage distraction of others mobilizing their army of distain for hate towards an out of range Rush Limbaugh, via pseudonym unknowns.

Same and similar methods are causing attacks on police officers by politics and now individuals are becoming common place around America.

President Trump’s family and associates and followers and listeners are being dragged through terrible experiences y political targeting and tactics for various reasons whether valid or fraudulent. TRUMP and LIMBAUGH are public figures and have effectively been able to survive these onslaughts by the masses and due to their ability to answer back and voice their opposition and defenses and thick skinned resiliance have thrived in their professional and political efforts.

The private person in contrast to public figures, Sullivan vs New York Times, and others is a much different animal. Without the ability to defend or even voice themself the private party has little ability to combat an army of hateful opposition. Other factors like poverty and disability and standing make it much easier for bullying to succeed and thrive. Geographics and influence as well as solivited informants and even law enforcement may play a major role in the destruction of persons property and reputation of numbers of people. The beneficiaries of this hate are the politicians. These planned and executed efforts have a long history which has proven extremely effective as it’s cover-up without fear of retaliation or prosecution. On the other hand prosecution biased majoriety communities can manufacture whatever they dream up to paint the desired landscape of fraudent yet useful picture.
Tindal is one such incident that incidently preceeded president Trump’s investigation and torpedo opposition launched and carried out by America’s greatest law enforcement agencies.

Stay tuned – to be continued.


Corruption has no conscience check this article out …

The Manila Times 500
Home Opinion Analysis 

Corruption is the scourge of the nation
Fr. Shay Cullen, SSC
September 3, 2017

The apparent triumph of evil is what troubles so many in the world today. Reports of crime, bribery, wrongdoing, exploitation and frame-ups appear on almost every news bulletin. Evil reigns supreme when people in power abuse their position for their personal or family gain. In business, in politics, in the judiciary they defraud and steal, smuggle, peddle drugs and hide behind a mask of innocence. This is what we call corruption. Sadly, the Philippines in 2016 ranked low, 101 out of 176 countries, on the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index. Scandinavian countries ranked in the top five.

It is a brutal and painful reality that we live in a corrupt society. Politicians are considered the most corrupt of all. Even senators are on trial in the Philippines for looting the public coffers. They allegedly set up false charities and foundations to hide the public money given to them for development and community projects and then channeled the billions into their private accounts. One was able to get a Supreme Court decision to post bail for a crime for which there is no bail allowed. The decision was a miracle of compassion, some said. The accused have every opportunity to present evidence and a strong defense and benefit by the rule of law, due process and plead innocent until proven guilty. Not so the suspected drug users who are killed daily on the spot with no evidence needed.

The judiciary is open to corrupt practices. A recent case in the Philippines is that of a female US national who kept five Filipino children in her house illegally and severely neglected them. When they were rescued and medically examined, it was found that they had been sexually abused and used in making pornography. Despite strong evidence of guilt, the judge dismissed the case on the slim and questionable grounds the rescue of the children by government social workers and police was illegal. Massive bribery was suspected to have been involved.

Now the suspect is hiding in the US and attacking online the child defenders who exposed her crimes against the children. She will likely be charged under the US Federal law that provides “extraterritorial jurisdiction” over certain sex offenses against children. According to the US Justice Department, “extraterritorial jurisdiction is the legal authority of the United States to prosecute criminal conduct that took place outside its borders. Section 2423(c) of Title 18, United States Code, prohibits United States citizens or legal permanent residents from traveling from the United States to a foreign country, and while there, raping or sexually molesting a child or paying a child for sex.”

The good people who would never pay a bribe or act in a corrupt manner are disadvantaged as they are inhibited and prevented by their good conscience from doing wrong, taking advantage of others, committing an injustice, stealing, lying or cheating. They are the silent majority of good Filipinos but they must not remain silent. They are Filipinos of integrity and honesty. They are the moral people with a conscience built on knowledge of right and wrong. When temptation presents itself, they resist. But when threatened, they fear for themselves and their families.

The corrupt person has no conscience and is continually looking out for a way to exploit others, advance his ambitious goals of greed and dominance. In any situation where the official has power to give or withhold anything to which the member of the public has a right to receive- a driving license, a business permit or a police clearance- the official will be thinking, ”Aha, what’s in this for me?”

We are challenged and called upon to speak out and expose corruption wherever we suspect it is happening. Pope Francis is calling on us to say “No” to corrupt practices and to take a stand for integrity, honesty, human dignity, justice, good governance and human rights. Exposing corruption is dangerous as the powerful will silence the whistle-blowers and the human rights advocates who take a stand against corruption. In the Philippines the president has said he will order the police to shoot human rights advocates.

However, corruption in developing countries is on a different level. It permeates all levels and all branches of government. Child abuse is widespread as government officials look the other way and issue permits to the sex bars where teenagers are trafficked and exploited by the local and foreign sex tourists. Every one makes money and the children and young women, victims of human trafficking, are sexually exploited and held in slavery by debts, which they can never pay off. Corruption is so widespread that even police and officials frequent the sex bars and protect them from investigation for crimes against women and children.

Saying “No” to corruption can cost you your life. Over a hundred journalists and human right workers have been killed for exposing the corruption and injustice in the Philippines. Yet the people of conscience and integrity need to take the risk and stand up and say “No More Corruption” and act to expose and oppose all such evil practices.

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jdoes scandalized thumbnail sketch

False Flag investigation filled jdoes campsite tree farm landlords head with lies about detectives finding jdoes out in nearby woods having an epileptic seizure and drunk. They were aware of the stalking from lottsa local yokels spotting for dollars as snitches. They could have just demanded video at convenience stores. What then was followed up by 4 uniformes assault and battery of jdoes behind condominiums in a blizzard near their tennis court and then abandoning lawful jdoes at hospital for litterally a kidnappung and torture and more fake news and all in the name of Justice still not enough.

Flyo the wall.
Then who ordered the HIT ON jdoes same day as C.H. township bogas hearing was scheduled till planted agents on NJT bus bad info for jdoes to cause no show, then harrassed at convenience store before walking back towards campsite at tree farm. The attempted hit was deliberate and planned but thank the lucky stars … failed and merely a hit and run.

THE BIG WHITE FORD WITH RUNNING LUGHTS ON TOP OF ITS CAB AND ROLLING ON REAR DOUBLE WHEELS PULLING A FLAT BED LANDSCAPE TRAILER PROBABLY FROM NEARBY TRAILER SALES BUSINESS WHICH jdoes walked past on way to court but thwarted by bad direction jdoes time to appear ran out. Stopping for some chicken fingers with special mustard sauce on a big puffy roll sounded good. The chicken fingerd cut, three were more like pinky toes than fingers. Realizing the word of pariah had preceeded the personal appearance. Now change plans and headed towards the rancocas woods shops in route towards the two lane swinging bridge where the stalker truck had edged into jdoes sight then backed up out of view awaiting jdoes effort to walk across the narrow bridge with eight foot high I beam sides made a perfect trap to run down jdoes walking cane and a tad worn out from several miles to here.

Certainly the hit parade plan was quickly manufactured such that the trailer which would rumble over jdoes dead body would aid in making hamburger of what remained after the large HD Ford pickup ran it down and over. You see the bridge had a long stainless steel grate which would have dragged the body and left it in a terrible mess and likely would have squeezed it through to the checker board like holes and down into the creek for the catfish and eels and leeches to feed on. Anything thing remaining would be unidentifiable and if so, s johndoes for sure. Thus the johndoed tag perf.

There was this situation and a supernatural force that picked jdoes up and tossed him between the criscrossed I beams and left his walking cane between his legs such that only the wheel well of the trailer brushed the cane handle removing a chip of wood and jerking his legs and body enough to remind him of the experience. The Big FORD engaged its brakes to see what became of jdoes. jdoes stuck his head out from the position safely between the bridge structure to see the brake lights and the vehicle scoot down the road.

Well you know what it does for future business prospects when the hit man fails right. keep your eyes open and head down

What a beautiful scandal this would have fueled and suppose it were to be exposed in all it’s detail.

There are some good cops and detectives who would have a field day and get good press for their respective businesses.

That is if the County wasn’t …. And, didn’t have dirt on them too.
Terroristic elements got wind via and saveadeal foods and Walt and SHOpAid and social media AND Fireline ONLINE
Then follow intimidation factored in near to jdoes new campsite location was. There appeared another familiar red chevrolet PICKUP WITH CAP AND WITH A FLATBED LANDSCAPE TRAILER parked at a nearby CROSS ROAD

MARY’S AVE AT WESTLAND AVE8 WITH NJ TAGS which RESEMBLED a RED CHEVY PICKUP WITH $1500 FOR SALE SIGN PARKED AT THE TRAILER SALES BUSINESS ON a highway WHICH jdoes walked by and rode a bicycle past many times while being regularly abused by 501(c) organization that promissed to assist him with veterans housing benefits and get him off the farm and into a saver place. AND Local county Offices would help out too. What I deal. AND a neighboring county human services would pitch in to help the vet too

Wow. Two counties and 501(c) come to the rescue of a jdoes.

HHS HSS SCHEME TO DESTROY jdoes VA BENEFITS AND popular enterprizes SET UP ALLEGED SHOP LIFTING fraud to get jdoes arrested and processed. THAT TOO failed. PLUS MUCH MUCHO MORE

Add 2008/09 Superbowl Sunday and hired chopper high flyer surveilance and all that coralling jdoes overnight with three annoying hotrod vehicles circling the colpolive parking lot from dusk to dawn basically a kidnapping situation – the three were familiar with special affects in that they were designed to cause fear and distress. One was the loudest boom box on planet Earth the second was equipped with a jet engine very loud and the third had super loud pipes and they went round and round and round the parking lot all night long. jdoes was in route to pick up a snack and a six pack and head back to the farm where he had been camping in his pickup truck stop that time. To get to the distributers of food and adult beverage to enjoy the Superbowl on radio broadcast. jdoes had been under great scrutiny and it took great planning to avoid the regular rigger ramole arranged to thwart his lawful freedoms liberty to do so.

It would be a long night. Elbow crawl through the swampy wooded jungle like longcut to get supplies. A few months earlier jdoes was run down by a high speed full size SUV and hospitalized for seven weeks. A right sided impact broke his right arm humerus and tibia and fibula. And evidently overdose of adrenaline to bring him out of shock caused apermanent heart condition. Nevertheless, aids bathing the jdoes induced comatose body managed to find time to rebreak jdoes right arm after the surgery to repair it with plate and nailing (screws), but they forgot to tell anyone about the accident for a few days – later the accident was defined as a failed device. Again the surgeons, who woke jdoes to tell him they would need to redo the right repair with larger plate and more screws (nine this time,) They did do another great job.

I had opportunity to wake up as the arm was flopping around and the three aids ignoring it. There was a nurse, likely suffering from compassion fatigue syndrome, who was strung out on pain meds and hoped herself to jdoes injection. She did however flush jdoes I.V. with saline solution before she turned towards the window and inserted the prepared injection into her reddied stint about her arm area.

Well that’s about all I got for now. The helicopter surveilance with the flasihing strobe light flying just above tree tops was a real gas. Except for a little overkill.

It generally takes a few drafts before I can get things adjusted and somewhat cognizable.

See ya in funny papers.

There is more to come for and aft. Thank you so much. You are wonderful.


Having a foreum is so good.

Yet, there is a serious need to address a form of PTSD that is,




Man yoos sure did spend some taxpayers duckets and expend human capital … that’s the thumbnail – there’s more…
Rich man poor man beggar man thief doctor lawyer Indian chief
And other accessories and principals galore.

Like a James bond movie.


Truly I have a tale I would love to tell. I am trying to rough draft it that I can do so. I’m a tad reluctant yet I feel it needs telling.

Betrayals and attempts to dispose of evidence namely a life among other things. Unfortunately a number of accessories and principals unsavory behaviors are from occupations which we prefer to look to for deeds of heroism and not disfavor. So you see it is not a simple task to capture interest with scenarios such as this. Despite that, perhaps to draft it as hypothetical rather than factual could breach the divide. Boring already huh.

One such attempt to remove evidence occurred on a bridge where no escape from a speeding pickup truck pulling a flatbed trailer which a landscape contractor might use, otherwise as useful tool to run down a pedestrian and drag him or her over the grates of a bridge that drains snow and rain and swings asside to allow small water craft to pass thru Creeks between two small towns…

It will come together at some point.  In a nice way if possible.